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As a small business owner, paying your employees accurately and on time is one of the many high priorities on your mind. However, all the details of dealing with payroll, including tax requirements, can get complicated and take up a lot of your   time. That’s why we offer custom tailored Connecticut payroll services for your business.

We offer expert help with your payroll needs, from generating paychecks to filing payroll taxes. Our goal is to help you run your business more efficiently and ensure that all of your payroll information is smoothly and accurately managed. Our goal is to relieve you of the stress of having to deal with payroll and let us take on the task.

We are happy to come up with a customized plan that meets your business’s precise needs. If you need help with one particular aspect of payroll, such as setting up an employee payroll system or reporting taxes, we can provide expert assistance in that area. If you’d prefer to hand off your whole payroll system to us, we can provide comprehensive management of your entire payroll throughout the year. We are also happy to teach you how to manage your own payroll, helping you to do so more accurately and more efficiently.

Here at BookSmart, we use Intuit Payroll. Intuit provides a full suite of effective tools, and over the years we’ve found that it’s the best software to manage every aspect of payroll. Intuit Payroll’s functions include creating paychecks, making tax calculations, generating tax reports, and making direct deposits. Payroll works with or without QuickBooks. If your business already uses QuickBooks, it’s very easy to integrate Payroll with your existing accounting system.

At BookSmart Bookkeeping and Consulting, our team is highly experienced with using Intuit Payroll. If you choose our payroll services, we’ll put those tools to use for you to manage your payroll in the most organized way possible, and the software makes it easy to review your payroll information at any time. In addition to using Payroll’s functions, we’ll manage your additional payroll and tax needs. These include making payroll tax payments and quarterly payroll filings. As with all of our work, our priority is to manage these accurately to help your business run more efficiently.

If you would prefer to manage your own payroll, one of our experts can teach you to use Intuit Payroll at a professional level. We will help you to set up Payroll for your business and to integrate Payroll with your QuickBooks Company File. We will then guide you through the processes of paychecks, direct deposit, payroll processing, payroll reports, quarterly and yearly payroll tax returns, and tax payments. After learning from one of our payroll experts, you’ll be able to manage your business’s payroll confidently and accurately.

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