Travel Deductions Allowed by IRS

When you travel on business you can deduct some of those travel expenses on your tax return.

Deductible expenses for transportation includes travel via airplane, bus, train or car between your home and your business destination.

Expenses for taxi, commuter bus and airport limousine can be deducted for the following uses:

  • The airport or station and your hotel
  • The hotel and the work location of your customers or clients
  • From one customer to another
  • From one place of business to another

Deductible expenses for baggage and shipping includes sending baggage and sample or display material between your regular and temporary work locations.

You can deduct use of your car when traveling away from home on business. The standard mileage rate for 2015 is 57.5¢ and you can also deduct business-related tolls and parking.

Your lodging and meals are deductible if your business trip is overnight or long enough that you need to stop for sleep or rest to properly perform your duties.

Tips you pay for any expenses listed above are also deductible.

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-Kari Lemelin, Bookkeeper/Marketing Manager

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